Sunday, May 31, 2020

Taking responsibility. The key.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Beyond Knowledge

Saturday, June 2, 2018

About confidence...

About confidence…
There are people who develop a false sense of confidence, because they still live in the grand dream of their own vanity and insecure egos.  Yes, I see them walking proudly, talking down to others, flaunting their feathers like peacocks, taking what they want from others, competing and singing loud tunes of tyranny, without a hint of love in their actions but pure obsession brooding in them.  But this is not confidence, O I know!, for inside they are terrified of losing, fearful of being less, empty and searching for ways to fill this great void they keep hidden from others.  What they carry so proudly is not confidence but fear of rejection and loss; for not being popular is the scorching hell of their superficial and misguided affairs with the ignorant world.

About confidence…
Yes, I can say that confidence is the result of the communion and harmony in you.  Real confidence which cannot be stolen, bought, or ever diseased.  For this confidence is divine and pure, love-based and not attached to anything or anyone at all.  The light I see and feel coming down from heaven into my conscience, yes, such is clarity and truth strengthening my resolve, and such evolves into confidence on which I can always rely and trust because it is me, the real me and not the masks I wear for them.

About confidence…
And who told you about confidence…??  Because they lied to you.  And who says you learn confidence from watching or reading others, or from desiring to be like others…??  They have said that to you because they do not know confidence themselves.  Confidence must spring from you, it must be clear like the most beautiful and untainted tropical waters, and it must be a realization within you.  Truth is not spoken, or heard, or read, or watched; but this is just the experience from others before you.  Truth brings confidence if you embrace your strengths and also your weaknesses.  Question is: Can you rise like the phoenix…??  Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its weaker predecessor.  The weaker you, the follower you, the lost you, the chained to the world you.  Truth brings confidence and it is inside yourself, for you initiate the eternal flame and rise from the old ashes like the mighty phoenix.  So do you know about confidence…??

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Light of One Soul.

Once there was a small boy named Shankar.  He belonged to a poor family.  And one day, he was crossing through the forest carrying some woods, when he saw an old man who was very hungry.  Shankar wanted to give him some food, but he did not have food even for his own; so, sad as he was, he continued on his path.  On his way then, later, he saw a deer who was very thirsty.  He wanted to give him some water, but he did not have water even for himself; so, sad as he was, he went on his way ahead… 

Then he saw a man who wanted to make a camp but he did not have woods, so Shankar asked about his problem and then gave some woods to him.  In return, he gave him some food and water.  Now he went back to the old man and gave him some food and gave some water to the deer.  The old man and the deer were very happy.  Shankar then happily went on his way…
One day Shankar fell down the hill!  He was in pain and he couldn’t move; no one was there to help him.  But, the old man who he had helped before saw him, he quickly came and pulled him up the hill.  Shankar had many wounds on his legs.  The deer whom shankar had given water saw his wounds and quickly went to the forest and brought some herbs; it so happened then that after some time his wounds were covered.  All of them were very happy that they were able to help each other…


When we give a good example and help the ones in need, we are truly helping ourselves; not because we expect them to do the same for us, but because we are filling our conscience with truth, we are building a stronger and valuable persona in us, and because we are nourishing our own heart with pure and beautifying love–i.e., a love which brings glow and shine into our lives, and a love which brings bliss into all we do.  

We are all human beings, and as human beings we all have that inner light within us but also we have that terrible darkness; and so, each one of us must find a balance between our divine light and our terrible darkness.  Moments of bliss.  Moments of misery.  We all need to help each other, especially help the weaker and innocent among us, and see that we are truly the same; as we all feel joy and feel pain, as we all desire to feel loved and happy…  No matter how upset, how hurt you are, always remind yourself of this…

“You are the light of the world.  A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”  ~ Matthew 5:14.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

He who has Eyes to See.

Have you ever wondered what the Egyptian sex scenes painted in the ancient pyramids and temples mean…??  Have you paid really close attention to the symbolic stories of The Bible like the story of Moses or Jesus’s Crucifixion…??  Can you see the symbols hidden in the way nature behaves all around us…??  What about in the very nature of man, the destruction, how it unfolds and how humankind evolves, how it all turns the pages of time–can you see…??

It is all Infinite Intelligence, divinity, hidden symbols and messages in each tragedy or joy, but specially in tragedy; however, it cannot be understood and seen clearly by the egoistical mind, by the mind which is not innocent and creative and emptied of the ways of man and his “rational” knowledge.  The ways of nature are not the ways of man.  The ways of Infinite Intelligence or God are not the ways of man or mammon.  “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” ~ Matthew 6:24.
  The moment you fall into depression pay attention; there is a message hidden you must make conscious in you mind.  Whenever you become confused about love or any direction you must take in any aspect of life; there is a symbol you must hold consciously to be guided.  As you feel empty inside, perhaps lustful, greedy, angered, betrayed, alone, meditate on why this is so, discover life’s hidden messages.  The worst mistake any man or woman can make, and many do make it everyday and thus feel lost, is to follow explosive emotions and intellectual outbursts; for this is like the child who throws a tantrum and allows himself to be overwhelmed by his own desperation. 

But study life, be life, allow it to enter you and be One with you; for symbols and messages are everywhere, and if you stop yourself, your rushing mind, if you empty yourself from the ignorant and foolish ways of the everyday man, you can see the mysteries and hidden messages with your inner eye…  The riches of life are represented in symbols and hidden in the ways of The Infinite; He who has eyes to see then, must see…
Life is a set of hidden symbols and divine messages for man to become awakened, but most do not see them because their minds remain veiled and buried, blinded by a lower consciousness state/a lower dimension in existence. But we as part of Creation, as human beings, carry and are symbols as well. Our anatomy hides symbols. Our physiology hides symbols. Our nervous system. That is why it is said in ancient Egyptian tombs and throughout pyramids, “Know Thyself and You Shalt Know The Gods.” That means know not only your spiritual realm beyond your humanity, but also know your very humanity–i.e., your biology, your mental states, your cellular micro-world, and all of it. This is deep knowledge; the only knowledge to really free you completely, to transform you from a mere human into a true god–i.e., “Know Thyself and You shalt Know The Gods.”

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” ~ Confucius.

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

O, Lovely Victoria...

There is no more bliss in a human being’s experience that finding that Source of greater truth and love.  That is the Source of very life, to be One with it, to shut the ego and its great delusions of fake love, namely attachment–desperation and desire which blinds.  But, be wise, seek not love, not a woman, nor a man; but be love, rise in love within you, and then you shall become a true magnet, your energy shall be so powerful now that you attract without any intention of finding…

O, Lovely Victoria…

Lovely lady, I had found myself lost without devotion,
Without higher purpose, without the slightest notion…

O, Lovely Victoria, a thousand deaths I speak!
A thousand deaths I would experience for thee.
Let me not to the marriage of our divine souls
Be detached and lost, but deeply sincere be.
Love is not love if attraction be only of flesh,
If marriage is only of that which ages us still;
For love, the truest love, is beyond the thresh
Of argument and jealousy lovers do oft’ feel.
The star guides us to a heavenly symphony,
And caresses our higher conscious affection,
And reminds us of our plays in glorious infancy
When our love was just a dormant perfection.

O, Lovely Victoria, as I contemplate thine eyes
I find myself wand’ring the mysteries of the most
Beautiful and radiant Suns which do not blind,
As my energy meets thy Source ever so close.
Have this wretch of a man now lie in divine grace
Of your presence which possesses the bridge
Between matter and consciousness as embrace,
As this soul of mine rises in love without ridge.
Now I see that the youthful hue of your cheeks
Embodies the deepest and most honest emotion,
It shows this poor man divinity’s highest peaks;
For I was lost, but now your love is my devotion.


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